Hello friends of Silkroad,

before we start our beginner Tutorial, here are a few words and ideas about why we created our server as it is.
There are many good private servers and we were allowed to play on many of them.

However, we noticed one thing on every server. The fun lasted a maximum of 1 month.

Then the main char was leveled and equiped to 90-100%.
That's why we gathered ideas and thought about how we can keep the game fun for as long as possible.
in the end we came up with the following result:
What do we all want after years of gaming experience in Silkroad? Right, the gaming experience from our first Silkroad server ..

The joy of discovering something new every day.
Of course, this fun should last as long as possible!

Therefore we created an LVL 80 Cap Server with a level rate of EXP x2.

The drop rate of the SOX weapons was also designed for long-term gaming experience -

which also wonderfully describes our thoughts on the server -



Server rates:
Only CH
Cap 80
Exp 2 / PT 2.5
DG 9 Max (lvl 72)
Gold drop 3x
SOX Drop 3x
Drop 5x
PC Limit 2
IP limit 2
Max plus 10
Max 20Member - For more variety-
Skills adapted to the GAP 80

-new ability / grap pets
-new avatars and of course the BESTOF
-INT + STR Uniques - for the best on the server
-GoldCoins + own area for the HIGH END SET
-Diamond- / Gold- / Silverboxen -for the Lucker among you
- Own titles and thereby cutting advantages
-one-time title for the best of you (events) - deserve this title!
-own teamspeak / discord server
- created own NPCs for PREMIUM / AVATARE / ALCHEMY
- etc..


Now, lets start with the Guide:-Starting with level 1 in Jangan
- Your Char is fully equipped, but without blue values ??or high + on the weapon - so a typical NPC Gear DG1
- As a starting aid, your char will receive 100 HP / MP Recovery Herb / 10 pieces of Drug of Breeze (+ 20% Movement) / 10 Instant Return Scrolls / 50,000 Gold / 1000 SP
Just enough to be able to enjoy the start, but not to falsify your own skills with boosts.
- The following equipment can be purchased from the NPCs and are full blue and +5 till DG7 / DG8 is only full blue / DG9 is only clean - this should make the final gap more exciting
-SOS was added as a normal drop
-SOM can only be found via Yarkan / Shaitan
-SOSUN can be purchased with a scroll from the NPC (for a considerable amount of coins) under the following conditions: SOM +7 + Coins (only available in a separate area)


At last we only have to say:

We wish you a lot of fun on our server and hope that we were able to implement all of our ideas in order to offer you the best possible fun as long as possible!

Our team is very active and looks forward to everyone.


Server Info

  • Player Online 31 / 3000
  • TeamSpeak
  • CAP 90
  • DG 10
  • Race Only CH
  • Mastery 360
  • Exp 2x
  • Party Exp 2,5x
  • IP Limit 8
  • PC Limit 4

Server Timers

  • Server Time: 09:46:46
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Every Day 00:00 - 19:00



Last 5 Unique Kills

  • Rasamaxa has killed Titan Lord Yarkan 13 hours ago

  • Rasamaxa has killed Titan Lord Yarkan 13 hours ago

  • Rasamaxa has killed Titan Lord Yarkan 13 hours ago

  • Kinq_Hell has killed Titan Lord Yarkan 1 day ago

  • Kinq_Hell has killed Titan Lord Yarkan 1 day ago